A favourite game for all ages!

Easy to play ~ For two or more players, or solitaire

How many pairs will YOU find?

The MEMORY game is also known as 'Concentration' and 'Pair-sies'

This deck features mixed media artwork by Eden Thompson

to delight adults as well as children.

How To Play

Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a table or floor.

Make sure they can easily be turned over. The youngest player goes first

and the other players take turns in a clockwise direction.

The player chooses a card and carefully turns it over. They select a second card

and turn it over. If the two cards match they collect the pair and take another turn.

If they do not match, the cards are returned face down. The next player turns over

their first card looking for a pair. It might match a card previously turned over -

Remember where it was to make a match! If not, the player selects a second

card to find a pair. If they are unuccessful they reurn both cards face down.

Use your memory! The cards the other players turn over

could be the match you are looking for!

A players turn is over when they are unable to make a matching pair. Play is passed

to the next player. The player with the most matching pairs is the winner!


Professionally reproduced on premium glossy 350g cardstock for durability.

Each deck comes sealed in a mylar wrapping for protection.

50 card deck ~ $25.00

contains 25 pairs of images with instruction card

26 card deck ~ $20.00

contains 13 pairs of images with instruction card

Tax and shipping included ~ Prices in US Dollars

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14 copy 2.jpg
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11 copy.jpg
19 copy 2.jpg
19 copy.jpg
20 copy 2.jpg
20 copy.jpg
21 copy 2.jpg
21 copy.jpg
22 copy 2.jpg
22 copy.jpg
24 copy 2.jpg
24 copy.jpg

Each 50 card deck contains

two of each image displayed.

Each 26 card deck contains two

of each image marked with this dot.

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dot red.jpg
dot red.jpg
dot red.jpg
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dot red.jpg
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