I am a Canadian artist working in paper arts, acrylics, watercolour, mixed media

and original needlework designs. I have been showing with the collective Sophia Arts since 1995, and my works have been collected in several countries.

Connection and communication are themes throughout my work.

Our connnection to the spirit of nature ~ our connection to each other.

I am drawn to faces and profiles, the picture we present to each other, the window to the soul. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my name Eden in Japanese translated as "ideas and communication".

Traditonal arts are also of interest. Offset printing and typeface, handwork and crochet, paper cutting and folding, tapestry and needlework, are arts that are less practiced though full of beauty and the skill of technique. By adding these into my work, I hope to modernize and reintroduce them.

I have been heavily influenced by travel, exploring other cultures and religions, and picking up the threads of expression we all share. Growing up on the west coast of British Columbia gave me a connection to nature through the rugged coasts and silent forests, followed by time in Calgary, with it’s prairie grids and vertical skies.


Travels in Japan introduced me to Shinto, a form of folk Buddhism based on the purity of nature and the spirits that dwell within it. I strive to remain aware of this deep connection and evoke it's mysteries within the viewer of my art. Further world travel, especially throughout Mexico and Greece, deepened this exploration and desire to vividly express it.

Soul connection is a goal in my writing as well ~ many artworks contain original haiku poetry and text. I have three titles included in The National Library of Canda, and a recorded song as a member of SOCAN.

In the art of visionaries (such as Agnes Martin, Ben Nicholson, and Piet Mondrian) I see art, science and mathematics working in step with spirit to create pure form ~ an independent abstract quality.

I seek to uncover the hidden realities of nature and spirit ~ The universal order of what is unseen.

Through my art, I strive to speak on a thought, a heart, and a soul level.

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